Who We Are

We are the best quality and service restaurant

Urban Bites is one of the greatest places in the city & the legendary taste of our specially prepared dishes still rules the town. We offer you the best pizza in the town at very affordable prices. We use fresh dough 100% Mozzarella cheese our specialty in pizza is that we bake pizza 6 inches to 16 inches. We heartily welcome you to come to unwind, socialize and share good times with your family & friends at Urban Bites or order online and enjoy delicious food with the comfort of home. Urban Bites restaurant serves freshly prepared authentic dishes and we believe that taste is all about a balance between sweet, sour, pungent, and spicy food. We welcome you to experience the taste of Urban Bites and hope that you would never forget the taste of our authentic mouth-watering dishes and the overall experience at our restaurant.


Our Team

Have a look at our food menu, which contains authentic & traditional best cuisine in many different categories. Whether you’re looking for an ideal location for a memorable dinner or elegant high quality food experience, Urban Bites menu is well balanced combination of authentic dishes. Visit us for experience the authentic flavors of food.

Home Delivery – Order Online

If you want to enjoy authentic food in the comforts of your home, You may place an order online pay either online using online payment or cash on delivery.